Saturday, November 27, 2010

Polygamy is Supported in the Bible

In fact, in the Bible, Abraham had at least three wives, Jacob had at least four wives, and Moses had at least two. David had his wives taken from him by God through Nathan due to infidelity with a married woman. Jesus had a parable referring to polygamy and called the five of ten, who actually went to wed the groom, wise. He was referring to all men and women in the last days, but could have referred to orphans or princes(instead of virgins)and to a king(instead of bridegroom).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

UPDATE! Barack Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Confirmed

Underaged Marriage in the Bible

Nearly all of your facts about Warren Jeffs and the FLDS-Christian religion are skewed if you get your facts from anyone in the media. Along with the Bible and the Book of Mormon; the Journal of Discourses, Truth Magazine and the Doctrine and Covenants have commandments, sermons and historical relevance to FLDS people.
Today the word "child" is so often negatively referred to that we don't see the age nor the maturity of that individual. Yet at 13, a youth who is not morally inclined is free to be promiscuous in our society as long as he/she is with another young person. In this case, no-one is punished by our laws. It wouldn't even phase our senses if that young one had multiple partners. It might bother a bit to see that young teen becoming a parent. It is fine with our sick society that abortion be used here instead. Doing the right thing by marrying, on the other-hand, is severely frowned upon. Even the so-called Christian-Right fight against the thought of a 13 year young parent being married to the co-parent/partner. This is not Christ-like to force. Nowhere in the Bible does it refer to any age as preferred marriage criteria.
God has blessed the bodies of His children to develop in their early teens. Also, as far as I am aware, in the history of the FLDS or the LDS sects since 1830, that there were not more than 2 instances under the age of 14 ever married. It is not very common there with the FLDS for anyone to be married younger than 18(contrary to popular belief). Warren Jeffs is currently awaiting extradition to Texas. He was freed by Arizona and his trial in Utah was deemed a mistrial. So far he has been blessed by God like the Lord Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith was. It is just not his time.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Rant on The Comments I Have Been Hearing

Do we make all marriages bad? Because that's what I am hearing. I can tell you that marriage is good for me. Plural marriage for me may be good too. Why restrict it? Some of the finest of God's servants had more wives than one. The Bible is full of references. Stop with the, I am better than you mask, and leave people to their religious lives. Especially when they are doing fine. I lived in the FLDS community. I don't now, so I can be objective about it. I will say, I prefer the way they do marriages over the way it is done anywhere else. The respect exhibited by the men toward the women is not as objects as some are misinformed, through propaganda, may conclude. No. Respect toward women there is admired by the youth, and that is why most children stay when they grow older. Young marriages are not common there. They are not forbidden, but are rather minuscule in number. Yet you would think that it is common, by the accounts of the media. It is not considered evil or wrong to marry young there. Because when girls think they are ready to marry, they have to have their parents agree, which is many times unlikely for the parents to agree. But when they do, they will present her to the prophet who will have her come back for multiple appointment sessions with the parents in tow. I will have you know that this is not unlike how the young men are treated. It is no laughing matter to the parents nor to the young people. The vows are taken seriously. Abuse is unlikely in case you are wondering. If a man is found to be abusive there, he will be sent out, and all he earned in his life will be given to a finer gentler more righteous man. Jeffs is being wrongfully targeted. It is due to the religious prejudices of those who hold authority in government. The laws that are being used to convict him are unconstitutional. Yet he has been hated by the media, the government and the LDS neighbors who just hate Warren Jeffs on the outset. There is no truth in their criticism except in their own paradigms.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Facts Be Known: The (so called) New Hope

Facts Be Known: The (so called) New Hope

The (so called) New Hope

The HOPE Organization is a non-profit group dedicated to assisting survivors of abuse within polygamous relationships on their courageous journey to personal freedom.

HOPE is a St. George, Utah based 501(c)(3) charity providing assistance to individuals and families to safely transition from a polygamous lifestyle into mainstream society.

HOPE's purpose is to offer support, protection, assistance, choices, opportunities and hope for the women, children, families and young adults (both male and female) who have been kicked out or have chosen to leave this culture. Sadly, too many women and children live under immense control, oppression and fear of eternal damnation, and they are caught in the cycle of abuse without a choice or a voice . . . We want to empower them!

Laws against these crimes are based in religion, which violates the separation of church and state. They are un-American, as they attempt to homogenize the country to a certain group's idea of morality, and that they create an oppressive society, restricting personal freedoms without justification. They teach irresponsibility, by not letting people deal with the natural consequences of their actions, but rather penalizing them whether or not their actions harmed anyone else.
Catching the "criminals" involved is an expensive affair. Victimless crimes draw manpower and funds away from crimes that do hurt innocent parties, and enforcement of the laws is not consistent enough to be an effective deterrent. I argue that actions to help people deal with problems caused by these illegal activities are effectively prevented by their criminalization -- for example, no one could be helped about their drinking problems during Prohibition. Additionally, he details how laws against victimless crimes paved the way for organized crime. from Wikipedia: Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country by Peter McWilliams